Welcome to the website of iHTs, the international Academy for Theatre studies, under the artistic direction of Robert Ceelen:

follow site La Maison Danse & Théâtre, North-France
In the north of France, in the town of Aubenton, you can find La Maison Danse et Théâtre iHTs with 2/3 studios, 4 to 20 places to sleep, lounges, living rooms, delicious meals, coaching, trainers or develop own ideas concerning dance, theatre and/or (acoustic) music: Available day and night from 2 to 20 days (see iHTs Aubenton)

The iHTs Mission
To immerse, specialize, connect, enrich and delight.
To raise a question concerning presentation and (company) training; theatre, dance, music, coaching, direction, but also for auditions and character development, personal development and growth. For and with you, we will answer with pleasure and professionality.

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